Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile and online trading?

Mobile and online trading refers to the use of wireless technologies in securities trading. It allows investors to access trading platforms, from mobile phones and online platforms rather than being confined to traditional trading methods. This technology provides easier access for smartphone users to actively manage their portfolios on the go. The applications are run on an engine called C-TRADE.

What is C-TRADE?

C-TRADE is an innovation developed to harness and promote participation of retail investors and institutions in financial and capital markets through mobile and internet based platforms. It automates the interface of the retail and institutional investors giving them direct access to the market with enhanced efficiency and convenience

How efficient is C-TRADE?

C-TRADE is efficient as it allows investors to transact in the comfort of their homes without physically visiting a securities dealer, in the process saving time.
It also offers real time trading and automation of all activities.

How does mobile and online trading differ from conventional trading?

Online and mobile trading differ from conventional trading in that these offer the retail (individual and institutions) market segment direct market access and trading of securities unlike the conventional in which one will have go through a securities dealer to post an order or participate within the market.

How do I access C-TRADE?

There are various channels of accessing C-TRADE to suit every investor namely, Web portal, USSD, Android App and iOS.

  1. Via web portal which is
  2. Android app which is CTRADE MOBILE on Google Playstore
  3. iOS App which is CTRADE Securities on App store
  4. Via USSD *727#
How do I register for C-TRADE via the web portal?

To register you have to
Step 1: Follow this link-
Step 2: Under My Profile click Create account
Step 3: Fill all the fields and when done click submit
Step 4: To start trading go on My Profile and click login.
Step 5: To login enter your email address and password. Your One Time Password will be sent to your email.
Step 6: Enter your One Time Password and start trading.

How do I register via Android?

To register, follow the simple steps below

  1. Download the C-TRADE Mobile App on Google Play store or CTRADE Securities on Apple App store
  2. Click Profile, fill all the fields
  3. Click submit
  4. To login enter your email address and password. Your One Time Password will be sent to your email
  5. Enter One Time Password and start trading
    Registration Complete
How do I register via USSD?
  1. Dial *727#
  2. Complete options 1-5
    • Name details
    • Personal details
    • Addresses
    • Bank details
    • Custodians
  3. Finally select option 6 to complete process
How do I register via Ecocash I-nvesta?
  1. Dial *150#
  2. Select Ecocash l-investa
  3. Select buy or sell shares

It prompts you to register on option

If you were referred by an agent say YES if not, select NO

  • Enter your USSD pin and re-enter it.
  • Proceed creating a C-TRADE account say yes
    Account Successfully Created
Do you have the list of brokers I can contact?
  1. ABC Stockbrokers (Private) Limited
  2. Bethel Equities (Private) Limited
  3. EFE Securities (Private) Limited
  4. FBC Securities (Private) Limited
  5. Imara Edwards Securities (Private) Limited
  6. Interhorizon Securities (Private) Limited
  7. Invictus Securities Zimbabwe (Private) Limited
  8. Lynton-Edwards Stockbrokers (Private) Limited
  9. MMC Capital (Private) Limited
  10. Old Mutual Securities (Private) Limited (CABS)
  11. Platinum Securities (Private) Limited
  12. Southern Trust Securities (Private) Limited
Can I post an order without selecting a securities dealer?

For you to post an order, you should select a specific dealer from a list of registered securities dealers

What is a custodian?

A custodian is a financial institution that holds customers’ securities for safekeeping so as to minimize the risk of their theft or loss. A custodian holds securities and other assets in electronic or physical form.

How do I deposit using my card?
  1. Click deposit.
  2. Select Option 1 Paynow (Visa, Zimswitch, Telecash, Ecocash)
  3. Enter amount and click make payment (it will direct you to a Paynow page)
  4. Enter email address as GUEST USER
  5. Click log in
  7. Fill in transaction details (full name and contact number)
  8. Click make payment
How do I deposit via Ecocash?
  1. Click deposit
  2. Select OPTION 2 ECOCASH
  3. Enter Econet Phone Number
  4. Enter Amount
  5. Click Make Deposit
  6. Confirm payment on Ecocash Phone
How do I deposit through *727#?
  1. Dial *727#
  2. Enter PIN
  3. Select Option 1 –MY FUNDS
  4. Select DEPOSIT
  5. Enter amount
  6. Enter YES
  7. Confirm payment
How do I buy via web portal?
  1. Click buy order
  2. Select Exchange
  3. Select company
  4. Select security
  5. Enter quantity
  6. Select time in force
  7. Enter price
  8. Place Order

You have successfully placed a buy order

How do I sell via web portal?

Step 1  : Click sell order
Step 2 : Select Exchange
Step 3 : Select company
Step 4 : Select security
Step 5 : Enter quantity
Step 6 :Select time in force
Step 7 :Enter price
Step 8 : Place Order

You have successfully placed a sell order

How do I buy via Android?

Step 1: Click my orders
Step 2: Click buy
Step3 : Select Exchange
Step 4: Select company
Step 5: Time in force
Step 6: Enter quantity
Step 7:  Click post
Step 8: Select Confirm

You have successfully posted a buy order

How do I sell via Android?

Step 1: Click my orders
Step 2: Click sell
Step3 : Select Exchange
Step 4: Select company
Step 5: Time in force
Step 6: Enter quantity
Step 7:  Click post
Step 8: Select Confirm

You have successfully posted a sell order

How do I sell via USSD?
  1. Dial *727#
  2. Select Option 3 ‘Trade Shares’
  3. Select Exchange
  4. Select Order Type( SELL)
  5. Select Counter By Alphabet
  6. Select Company
  7. Press 1 to Continue
  8. Enter Quantity
  9. Select Broker
  10. Confirm Order
What charges apply for Mobile and Online Trading?

The normal statutory fees as governed by SI 100 0F 2016 and the normal mobile and online banking transactional costs.

How do I know whether there are shares available for me to buy?

The Market watch on C-TRADE allows you to view the shares available for each counter (ASK VOLUME), the price at which the shares are being sold for (BEST ASK), the share orders by the other buyers (BID VOLUME) and the price at which the other buyer are willing to pay (BEST BID)

What are the main benefits associated with C-TRADE?

C-TRADE offers various benefits to stakeholders, that is;

  • Promotes financial inclusion
  • Multiple capital market access channels
  • Access to multiple trading markets
  • Access to multiple liquidity channels
  • Centralized Order Routing
  • Centralized market surveillance & monitoring
  • Real time Business Intelligence
  • Real Time transacting
  • Modern Technology
  • Strategic flexibility
  • Supports mass usage
  • Enhanced market efficiencies
  • Enhanced price discovery of securities
Are my funds and shares safe in terms of security when transacting using C-TRADE?

Trading using the C-TRADE suite is very secure. The process requires authorization through PINs only known by the account holder thereby ensuring security of shares and funds.

How do I know that I will be paid after selling my securities?

The transaction process requires prepayment for the deal to settle thereby ensuring that only funded deals will settle in the normal 3-day process.

Where can I get assistance in case I am faced with a challenge?

Call the C-TRADE helpdesk oh the following toll-free numbers
Econet subscribers—08080277
Netone subscribers—08010077
Live chat on web portal
Email C-TRADE on
Whatsapp 0737594405

What are the market opening and closing times

ZSE – 9:30am-12pm
FINSEC – 9:30am-4pm

What is the difference between ZSE and FINSEC
  • Financial Securities Exchange (Private) Limited (FINSEC) is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe as a Securities Exchange (Alternative Trading Platform). FINSEC harnesses and facilitates electronic trading of a wide variety of securities, thereby formalising marginalised market segments and bringing all alternative trading activities on to a central and organised market place. FINSEC provides a world class electronic platform for the issuance, holding, trading and settlement of financial securities.
  • The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, or ZSE, is the official stock exchange of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Stock Exchange exists to mobilise long term capital and to provide an efficient and reliable securities market.
What is the minimum deposit?

Please note that the minimum deposit is ZWL$200.00

What is the minimum number of shares one can buy?

The minimum number of shares depends on the broker you would have chosen and the system notifies you if you are below the limit of the chosen broker

Why is the price of Old Mutual on ZSE different from the one on FINSEC?

Old Mutual Limited OMU) is listed under ZSE and Old Mutual Zimbabwe Limited (OMZIL) is listed under FINSEC. OMZIL offers Zimbabwe-based clients a focused range of financial services products. OMU is a premium African financial services group that offers a broad spectrum of financial solutions to retail and corporate customers across key markets in 17 countries.

How secure is your system?

The system is secure its protected by SSL certificates and Reverse proxy server

What is time in force?

Time in force is a special instruction used when placing a trade to indicate how long an order will remain active before it is executed or expires. These options enable traders to be more specific about the time parameters surrounding a given order.

What does these different times in force mean?
  1. Day orders are canceled if the trade does not execute by the close of the trading day. Often times, these are the default order type for many brokerage accounts.
  2. Good-Till-Canceled orders will continue to be effective until it executes or is canceled. Some common exceptions to the rule include stock splits, distributions, account inactivity, modified orders, and during quarterly sweeps.
  3. Immediate or Cancel Orders-are canceled if the entire order does not execute as soon as it becomes available. Often times, this is used to avoid purchasing shares in multiple blocks at different prices and ensure an entire order executes at a single price.
  4. Good Till Day-The GTD (Good-til-Date/Time) time in force lets you select an expiration date and time up until which an order will continue to work. A day order automatically expires at the end of the regular trading session if it hasn’t been filled
What are unit trusts?

A unit trust is a form of collective investment constituted under a trust deed. A unit trust pools investors’ money into a single fund, which is managed by a fund manager.

What is the minimum deposit for unit trusts?


What is the investment period for Old Mutual Unit Trusts?

Money market funds – 30 days

Property fund – 180 days

Equity Fund – 30 days

Old mutual balance fund – 30 days

Old mutual bond fund – 180 days

What is the notice period for a withdrawal on Old Mutual Unitt trusts?

14 days

What are C-TRADE Investment clubs

A C-TRADE Investment club is group of individuals who meet for the purpose of pooling money and investing.

How does one buy shares in a C-TRADE Investment club?

The chairman buys the shares for the club

What does one do when they no longer want to be in a group?

They exit the club and their funds and shares will be credited to their personal account.